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Have exness your whole class work together to come up with and list “100 Ways to Be Kind!” Write them on a large piece of paper to hang up in the classroom. Have students draw a next to any that they accomplish. Can your class all of them by the end of the year? Challenge another class to do the same.

The children could write about their kind acts and illustrate them. Bind them together into a book. Older children can exness trading platform read their books to children in younger grades.

Ask the children to think about someone that has helped them or has been kind to them. Create interesting Thank You cards and have the children write a heartfelt message inside.

Challenge your school to a “Kindness Contest”! Have the exness trader children in each class record and tally the simple acts of kindness they do. Create a school-wide graph of each class and how many acts of kindness they have done.
Brainstorm a way to help your neighborhood or community. Could you schedule a field trip to a near-by park and clean it up? Could small, cooperative groups design and build birdhouses to donate to local senior housing members? Would the school or local library appreciate place-holding sticks the children could make by decorating simple paint stirrers?
Encourage the children to recycle common items to create collage cards or posters. Mount and laminate them. Send them to the children’s ward at an area hospital to cheer up staff members and young patients.
On paper plates, encourage each child to be as unique as possible and make a smiley face. Decorate the classroom or school with them to remind everyone that even a simple smile can be a tremendous act of kindness.
Using props, music, and anything else available, have small groups choose an act of kindness in One Smile and act it out. How would the scene be different if the act of kindness hadn’t occurred? Have them imagine the outcome and act out another version of the same scene.

If you would like to share an activity you have created for your classroom from One Smile, click below. We will add some new activities to the website periodically, so check back to get some great ideas.

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