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Monday, 24 July 2017
One Smile Reviews

"Every kind thing we do ripples out into the world, but it’s usually invisible to us. This charming book makes the ripples visible."

Mary Jane Ryan, co-creator of Random Acts of Kindness

"A touching and inspiring model of how powerfully one person can make a difference. I would love to see One Smile in every school curriculum!"

Alan Cohen, author of A Deep Breath of Life

"One Smile beautifully illustrates the impact of a simple act of kindness. All children deserve the empowerment of knowing their kindness can change the world."

Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of Pay It Forward

"It only takes seeing one smile, hearing one word, receiving one act of kindness or reading one book to change your view of life. Read this heart warming story and begin a new and meaningful life today. It only takes One Smile."

Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Love, Medicine and Miracles and Prescriptions for Living


One Smile by Cindy McKinley is a wonderful book about paying it forward. It starts with a little girl named Katie who notices a young man on a park bench - he looks like he’s having a bad day, so she smiles at him. The smile encouraged the unemployed man to start looking for a new job and, on his way to do so, he runs across a woman who needs help so he changes her tire for her. Later, the woman, feeling grateful for the young man’s help earlier, leaves a generous tip for the waitress at lunch. The waitress then feels so good about the kindness of the woman that she brings home extra surprises for her son. You can see where this is going, can’t you? One after the other, each person touched pays it forward for the next person until it eventually comes back to the little girl, Katie.

Beautifully illustrated by Mary Gregg Byne and written by Cindy McKinley, One Smile is a feel-good book that will inspire people to want to pay it forward as well. We should all want to set off a chain of kindness like the one depicted in One Smile. Reading the story and how each person was affected made me feel a warm spot in my heart and the desire to be the “Katie” today. Everyone has the opportunity to enhance the lives of others, even if it only starts with a smile. Be that person today; you can do it.

Reviewed By Lori A. Moore for Readers’ Favorite